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Welcome! Below you will find our latest spoon flower designs. We have an etsy shop for easy ordering, but we can take orders through email and on the phone too. We also participate in art/craft shows, that schedule can be viewed here. We offer a wide variety of colors to choose from, those colors can be viewed above. Some flowers can be "tipped" in another color. After painting each flower we clearcoat the entire flower, preventing it from rusting and allowing it to withstand the elements.

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One of our most popular flowers, this sunflower looks almost realistic with a ladle center and sixteen spoons!

15 reviews




This unique design is another popular flower perfect for any garden!

25 reviews



A spring perennial known for its unique cup look, makes for a great gift for that flower lover!

16 reviews


Large Open

This flower, similar to a Gazania, looks great in all different colors! Guaranteed to look nice in the yard.

6 reviews


Handle Iris

One of the flower designs with a solar light! Not only looks good, but also lights up the garden at night.

2 reviews


Premium Rose

One of the newest designs, an upgrade from the rose adding seven more spoons. This flower is a must see!

3 reviews



Very simple tulip design perfect for pairing with another flower. You can't go wrong with this one!

6 reviews



Another great flower that can accent others or stand off on its own.

3 reviews



Our first flower ever designed, the classic open flower. Simple and affordable design for anyone.

5 reviews



This design is one of the most popular and for good reason! Check it out for yourself!

22 reviews


Shiny Magnolia

A different spin on the magnolia, adding silver to offset the color!

11 reviews



A flower design most similar to a daisy made with all spoon handles! Looks great in the garden!

7 reviews


Tiger Lily

Another design made out of all spoon handles! This unique look is in bloom all year round!

5 reviews



The basic rose with eight spoons, perfect for that special someone. This flower never dies!

12 reviews


Solar Light

Solar light flower design that is sure to decorate your garden day and night! See for yourself!

9 reviews



This special design is made with eight spoons all layered on one another. Never needs to be watered!

8 reviews


Dragon Fly

This flower includes a dragon fly hovering over it! Unique one of a kind design!

4 reviews